Granite iSchool Project Overview

The iSchool Initiative in Granite School District is an innovative new project involving the collaboration of seven schools, their technology specialists, and teachers in each of the participating schools. The project idea originates from a seventeen year-old student who posted a YouTube video with his solution for improving education and hence coined the name, iSchool. His iSchool concept is based upon the Apple iPod Touch as its mobile device of choice due to the wide range in applications that have been developed for the iPod Touch; and specifically for the large number of educational applications currently available and constantly being added to the App Store. The Granite School District iSchool project has many aspects that will make it successful.
  • First, school based technology specialists are trained in a “train-the-trainer” model. It is the intent of the “train-the-trainer” model that professional development becomes replicable in future training cohorts, and possibly in other districts as well.
  • Second, technology specialists will train their teachers in 3 full day sessions, one each month beginning in December 2009. In training sessions participating teachers will learn to use the iPod Touch, iTunes & iTunes U, and begin designing curriculum integration in cross-curricular teams.
  • Third, teachers will checkout the 40 station iPod Touch carts from school media specialists. School technology specialists/Media Specialists will mentor teachers as they plan and/or as they use the mobile cart in their classrooms.

Granite School District has continually looked for ways to create 21st century learning environments ( in our schools. Using mobile devices, which have such an enormous influence on the students
creatin monohydrat we teach, was of particular interest. This program fit perfectly with the type of new ideas looking to be implemented. The iSchool Initiative is a demonstration program that will be implemented during the 2009-2010 school year in 2 high schools, 2 junior highs, and 3 elementary schools in Granite School District. Learn more about the 21st century teaching and learning framework at

iSchool History and Background

On May 11th 2009, the day after Travis Allen turned 18 years old; he registered the iSchool Initiative with the Secretary of State of Georgia as a non-profit corporation dedicated to bringing technology solutions to classrooms across America. Travis knew that the bureaucracy of school boards and government would slow down the process of bringing needed technology into our classrooms. This prompted him to get busy on presenting his idea of using Apple’s popular iPod Touch in education. He shared his idea with teachers, students and the principal of his school. He then took his message to the world through a YouTube video (, a Face book Group, Twitter page and finally his website. Travis believes his project also has the tremendous potential to save schools money and reduce their carbon footprint on the environment.

Participating Schools
  1. Granger High School & Kearns High School
  2. Bennion Jr. High & Olympus Jr. High School
  3. Twin Peaks Elementary, Stansbury Elementary, & West Kearns Elementary

Professional Development Session Planning
  1. Specialists meet monthly to plan training sessions.
  2. Sessions are conducted by STS/LMITS. Each STS/LMITS will run own training program. Training sessions begin December 2009.

Teacher Professional Development
3 Full Day Sessions - Subs provided.
  1. Day 1: Intro to iPod Touch/iTunes, configure email accounts. Applications for Personal Use: Productivity, News, eBook Readers, Social Networking, Video/TV, & Games & Fun
  2. Day 2: Applications for Curriculum, Podcasts, Document Camera Basics, Copyright Practices/Good Video Practices
  3. Day 3: Even More Apps!!

Equipment Included
  • Bretford PowerSync Cart for iPod,>
  • ParaSync alternative to the cart [[file/view/PARASYNC_Flyer.pdf|PARASYNC_Flyer.pdf]]
  • Laptop to be housed in cart
  • iPod Touch, 8 GB (40 per cart)
  • iPod Touch, 32 GB (15 per school)
  • Avermedia 300AF Document Camera 300AF+ (15 per school)
  • Apple Component AV Cable (for Teachers)
  • Protective screen and case (for all iPod Touch)
  • Cart Headphones (40 per cart) - Check with local headphone manufacturers .

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