Classroom Management of iPods and iPod Cart

Each school has designed a management system in conjunction with their STS or LMITS. Below, are some ideas for classroom management of iPods. Your school's needs may vary. Pick and choose from the ideas below as needed.

Labeling Ideas

1. Barcode the cart and each individual iTouch.
a. For this system it is helpful to have the barcodes with a matching sticker associating the iTouch with it's corresponding home slot on the cart.
2. Barcode the cart and number each iPod.
3. Barcode the cart and each individual iTouch, plus label each iPod.
4. Each iPod and the cart is cataloged with the Serial Number(s) in the Library Management System.

Checkout Ideas

1. Checkout is only available for the cart with all 40 iPods.
2. Checkout is available for the entire cart OR for a set number of iPods.
3. Checkout is only available for teachers in the iSchool Project.
4. The teacher is responsible for the cart and all iPods once it is checked out. If this is not done the teacher could be dismissed from the iSchool project.
5. The iPod cart must be checked back into the library by a set time in the afternoon. i.e. 3pm

iPod Location Management within the Cart Ideas

1. Put a barcode label (had to trim to fit) on each ipod, and then put colored dot stickers on each one on the back as well with a number on it. I put green dots numbered 1-20 on all the top drawer ipods and red dots on all the bottom drawer ipods numbered 21-40. Then I put the crystal back covers over the top of all that. I also put the sticker of those colors on both drawers and used a sharpie to number each slot. Each iPod is to be returned to the corresponding spot
2. Each ipod is barcoded. Each barcode has a corresponding sticker with the barcode number and this is used to label the home location for that iTouch.
3. Each iPod and the corresponding spot is labeled 1 - 40. Each iTouch is to be returned to the corresponding spot

Signing out iPods to Students

1. Assign each student to an iPod on a sheet. They are to use the same iTouch every time the class uses the cart and iPods.
2. Each time the iPods are signed out by the student on the iPod checkout sheet with the teacher unplugging and handling the iPod to the student.


(Twin Peaks)

Collection of iPods

1. Every iTouch is to be collected before anyone in the class is allowed to leave the classroom. Use the corresponding lists to check off when each iPod is returned to its home location.
2. If for some reason an iTouch is not returned then the class is in lock down and the Sheriff is called in.

Starting Class With the iPods

1. Start each class with a discussion about self directed learning, how the students are responsible for using the apps and learning the content for the day.
2. Students are not allowed to access their own accounts.
3. Let all students know that they are responsible for the iPod that they are assigned to. They should not leave the iPod on the desk or let another student (even a friend) borrow their iTouch for any reason.

Teacher iPods

1. If the teacher leaves the school for any reason all iSchool materials (iPods, doc cameras, cords, etc) must be returned to the school.