8:00 Welcome and Introductions (10 min.)
The Fun Theory: Can learning be fun and meaningful at the same time? How does human behavior change when you add the element of fun?

8:10 Getting To Know You Mystery Activity (20 min.)
Figure Out Who Google Doc Survey

8:30 Self Start Activities (40 min.)

Pizza Fractions
  • Open the More Pizza App. Make a Pizza using a full size circle or square crust. Slice into 6 or 8 pieces when done. If you have email set up, choose to share the pizza when prompted. Name the pizza, enter an email address to send it to, and then write 3-5 fractions that accurately describe your pizza (example: 1/3 of my pizza has green peppers). Send the email to the instructor. ( ) Project and share the emailed pizzas.
  • Without email version: Make your pizza. Write your 3-5 fractions on a sheet of paper and leave your pizza on the screen to share. Participants will project their pizzas and describe their fractions to the class.
  • K-2 Version: Have students try to create pizzas that represent halves or other simple frations. Example: I would like a pizza that is half pepperoni and half sausage.

Journaling With Notes
  • Open the Notes App: Write about a given topic and save the notes. Students can keep an ongoing journal if they are always assigned the same ipod touch.
  • Topic: What's your favorite app so far and why?
  • In K-2 the students can practice writing their name, their phone number, address, spelling words, etc. Their progress will show over time
  • Notes can also be used for other assignments and their responses/lists can be emailed to the teacher if the students have email accounts.
  • Open the Cropped app and choose a mystery picture to display for students. Have them write their guess about what the picture is and what clues lend them to think they are correct. Use the notes app or pencil and paper to write their guess and response.

9:10 Storykit and Doodle Buddy Apps (60 min.)
  • Introduction of the Storykit and Doodle Buddy Apps and how to save pictures from the internet and bring them into Storykit.
  • Write, Illustrate and Share a Story using Storykit
  • Include photos and original illustrations created using Doodle Buddy
  • Topic: My Ideal Summer Would Be...
  • Share the stories by projecting and presenting
  • Stories 2 Learns is a similar app you may want to check out, but it costs 13.99 vs. Free for Story Kit.

10:10 Google Earth Math Lesson Examples K-6 (60 min.)

Working in pairs: Open Google Earth and type in the address to West Kearns Elementary. Make observations about the school and school yard to answer the questions below. Record your answers on paper to discuss later. Click on the Magnifying Glass "search" icon in the upper left corner of Google Earth. Type in the address for West Kearns Elementary: 4900 South 4620 West Kearns, Utah 84118. Tap to come in close enough to see some details of the school and school yard. Adjust your view as necessary by pinching with two fingers (moves out) and tapping (moves in).

  1. If you used cardinal directions for explaining where some things were located on the property of West Kearns Elementary, what directions would you give to explain where these three things are located?: A large tree by itself, a long row of smaller trees that completely line one side of the property, The parking lot that shows the most cars in it
  2. Move in close enough to view the cars parked on the NW side of the West Kearns property. Can you write a ratio that shows the number of cars seen parked to the total number of parking spaces?
  3. Name some of the shapes you see painted on the playground. On the East side of the playground there are some four squares and hopscotches painted there. What fraction of these painted play areas are hopscotches? Can you simplify that fraction?
  4. About what percentage of the whole West Kearns Elementary property appears to be grass?
  5. Which season and time of day was this satellite photo most likely taken? What clues do you have to help decide?
  6. What are some other questions that could be asked about this satellite image or even including the surrounding neighborhoods?

K-2 Google Lesson Variation: Look for various shapes. Count objects and create simple math problems from things you see.

11:10 Speed Apping (20 min.) Take 5-10 minutes to learn about the app(s) you are assigned. Think of ways your app could be used as a teacher productivity tool, a teaching resource or other. Be prepared to share what you have learned. The whole group will then sit with two rows facing each other. In 5 minute rotations, the pairs facing each other will demonstrate their apps and teach their partner about them. Then everyone will rotate clockwise and repeat the process until everyone has had a chance to see all the apps.
Dice Shaker
Teacher Pick
iPrompt (Type your own list for reviewing spelling words or practicing sight words, and also see how to copy and paste text from the web or a document into iPrompt for practicing paced reading)
Mover (students could write using the notes app, take a snapshot and then move it to other classmates or the teacher to share)
IQ Test For Kids
Discovery News
Dragon Search (if you have headphones with mics)
Dragon Dictation (If you have headphones with mics)
Brain Pop Free Movie

Instructor Demo App: Documents to Go (9.99 and 14.99 versions) View, Edit and Creat Microsoft Documents. Sync with your PC or Mac.

11:30-12:00 Lunch Break


12:10-1:00 App Exploration (Some of our favorites and some new ones)

Look for key words in your grade level core standards to do app searches in iTunes.
UEN Core Curriculum

K-2 Apps

Feed Me
Math Magic
Math Train
Penny Me
Cloud Math
Math Pad 1 Addition and Subtraction
Math Blaster
Language Arts
Pocket Phonics
Teach Me Kindergarten
My iPhonics
Look and Spell
See Read Say
ABC Tracer Plus Words
Word Magic
Speaking Spell Kindergarten
Learn Sight Words
The Little Red Hen (There are many other stories like this one)
iSpell Word
iReading Animation Stories Series

Monkey Lunchbox
Find the Differences
Pocket Zoo

3-6 Apps

Pearl Diver
Number Line
Sums Stacker
Freddy Fraction
Math Pad 2 Add, Subtract, Multiply, Divide
Math Pad 3 Less Than, Greater Than
Math Pad 4 Word Problems
Math Pad 5 Factoring
Tan Zen
Lemonade Tycoon
Math Bingo
Flash To Pass Math Flash Cards
Math Blaster

Language Arts
Silly Stories
Mad Libs
iPlot Wheel (Story Starter App)
Chow Chat (Conversation/Writing Topics)
Word Warp
Word Pops
Vocabulary Cartoons
Word Web
ESPN Spelling Bee
Shake and Spell
Grammar Up
Grammar Express:Tenses

Weather Bug
Finger Physics
Moon Phase
Rocks and Gems
Nasa App

Oregon Trail
World Wiki
Shake 'Em Up State Capitals
Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader
World Countries
Greek Mythology Lite
Mobicip (safe internet browsing with filters and parental controls)
US Geography by Discovery Education
Geo Walk 3-D World Factbook

1:00-1:30 eClicker Student Response Apps

eClicker Host This app costs 9.99 and is required on the teacher's iPod Touch to create and administer student response surveys and tests.
eClicker This app is free and is loaded onto all student iPod Touches so they can respond to surveys and tests created by the teacher with the eClicker Host app.

Out Of This World! Astronomy Quiz using the eClicker Apps

1:30-2:00 Podcasts and Music Exploration Time
  • There are many educational podcasts and vodcasts to use in the classroom. Use keywords from your core curriculum to do a search in the iTunes store. Scroll to see if any podcasts were identified for that subject.
  • Are there songs to help students learn math facts or just to use as relaxing music while they work?

Sample Podcasts and Vodcasts:

2:00-2:30 Question and Answer
  • How are you handling management? What works and what other concerns do you have?
  • Are student email accounts possible in your district and how could they help with productivity?
  • Have you tried the interactive versions of any apps? There are many apps that allow people to work/play together. How might those be useful?
  • Have you thought about creating your own UEN website where students could easily access bookmarked websites?
  • What other questions do you have?



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