iSchool II Day 1 Agenda (Feb 23, 2011)

I. iPrompt (15 Minutes)
· Name
· Favorite Personal App
· Favorite Teaching App
· One sentence-Worst thing that ever happened with your iPods
· One sentence-Best thing that ever happened with your iPods
II. My iPod is not working (5 Minutes)

III. Basic Expectations (10 Minutes)
· What you get?
      • $200.00 stipend
      • 1 CACTUS credit hour
      • $25.00 iTunes gift card for school apps
· What are the expectations?
      • Attend sessions
      • Create two integrated lesson plans and post them on the ischool wiki
        • One must include a creativity app that you learn during this class
      • All work must be turned in by 5:00 p.m. on March 31st.
IV. Tips and Tricks (15 Minutes)
· Folders
· Home button changes

V.Creativity, Imagination, and Content Creation (30 minutes)
· Utah student creates number one app.
o Download video and watch
o Download game and give it a try
· What do we mean by this?
VI. New Bloom’s Taxonomy (15 Minutes)
· New Version
· Key Words, Model Questions & Instructional Strategies

VII. TED Mobile App (FREE) (30 Minutes)
· Ken Robinson says schools kill creativity
· Adora Svitak: What adults can learn from kids
· Spreadsheet of Ted Talks
· Also try just searching for creativity inside the TED app

Explore creative apps and think of ways you could use them in your classroom. Come next time prepared to share your findings. Also, please start working on your lesson plans with your ideas.

Lesson Plan Template

iSchool II Day 2 Agenda (March 2, 2011)

My YouTube Channel

How could you use a YouTube Channel with your curriculum and/or with the itouch devices?

Tips and Tricks

· Keypad hidden features video
· Finding text on webpages

Technology Uses in the Classroom

·Where do you and your tech projects rank?
Grappling's Technology and Learning Spectrum

Getting Reading for Creativity

1. Brainstorming: Idea Sketch(FREE) MindHD ($0.99)
2. Image Collection - Indicommons - CoolIris

Creative Projects

1. Collage - Photo Wall (Lite or Pro@$2.99) or Photo Mess - ImgPalette (FREE)
2. Video project - Splice ($0.99, but also has a FREE version)
3. Comic Strip: Strip Designer ($2.99)
4. Photo Story: Storyrobe - Voice Over Images (FREE)
5. Storybook: Story Kit (FREE)
6. Audio Projects: StoryCorps (FREE), AudioBoo (FREE)

Cool Apps

1. Cramberry study app
2. 3D Sun


1. Choose the content you want to use for your lesson.
2. What aspects of the content you are teaching will you want students to write about?
3. In your lesson plan how could your students use a journaling app to write?
4. What other creativity apps could you incorporate?
5. Come prepared to use this information in a lesson plan

iSchool Agenda Day III (March 9, 2011)

Self Start - Digital Jam
Download one or more of the following apps and lets have a digital Jam

Drum Kit
Easy Beats LE
Piano Free
with Songs
Amazing Piano
Play Piano
in a Flash
Guitar Free
with Songs
Violin Solos

Awesome Harmonica
Arcade Rocker
Guitar Rock Tour
Native American

The Fun Theory: Can learning be fun and meaningful at the same time? How does human behavior change when you add the element of fun?

Lesson Ideas
Challenge - Use more than one element of the iPod for your lesson plans. For example have students watch or listen to a podcast, take note using the notes app, use safari to do more research, then use an app for them to complete an assignment.

Places to Find Lessons and Apps
Apple Learning Interchange
Learning in Hand
-Find a Pre-Existing Lesson you could incorporate and share with the group.

Writing Apps
The following page is a list of apps for reading and writing.
UCET 2011
-Picture Book Activity
YouTube Playlists
-You Tube Playlist PowerPoint

-Lesson Plans

iSchool Agenda Day IV (March 16, 2011)

Starter (15 minutes)

Download the following apps
Whiteboard Lite Free
Epicurious Free
Analogies 4 Kids (Optional) $.99

What to never to with your itouch (5 minutes) 3:30 – 3:35

iBooks (25 minutes)
Add eBooks and PDF files to your iPod/iPad

1) How to get a PDF onto your itouch
2) Using iBooks
3) Take some time to explore iBooks.

FYI (10 minutes)
You too can create your own ebooks. Create a textbook, interactive lesson, or assignment. It’s not too pain staking and can have many benefits. These books can contain text, images, and video clips.

Free software to create & convert epub files

1. Calibre It is a free desktop software for Windows, MAC and Linux users. Using this you can convert files into epub format from number of different formats. It produces nice result preserving the formatting and layout of the content.

2. Sigil book editor It is a simple ebook editor for epub format files. It support WYSIWYG interface and is available for multi platforms. It has support for multiple views like: book view, code view and split view.

3. epub Tools It is a collection of free and open source tools for creating epub files. You can manage and convert documents from Word, RTF, Docsbook, TEI and other formats.

4. eCub creator It is a simple cross platform tool for creating epub and mobipocket books. It allows you to create unencrypted EPUB files from text or XHTML files. You can edit text or XHTML files with a simple internal editor or specified external editor. You can create simple cover design image and optionally create title, content and cover pages.

Podcasts (20 minutes)
Find a podcast to use with your students.
· Go to iTunes App
· More
· Search
As you search it should find music, apps, podcasts and more that fit your research.
Be prepared to share what you find and how you can use it.

More Literacy Apps (30 minutes)
Since our school DRSL focuses on reading and literacy here are more apps to help you in integrating our DRSL with the itouch.
-Choose 3 apps from 3 separate categories from this year’s UCET presentation (Thank you Stephanie and Michelle). Download them and investigate. Prepare to share with the class
1) The Name of your App
2) What it does
3) Would you personally use it or not?
4) How this could be integrated into a lesson plan (think multiple curriculums)?

Wrap up 5:00 – 5:15
· Open Whiteboard
· Use the drawing tools to draw a picture of yourself
o label each of the following body parts with the described app
§ Head - an app that makes you think
§ Heart - an app that you love
§ Foot - an app that makes you move
§ Hand - an app that helped you learn to do something
§ Save your picture to picture app
§ email your picture to me
Finish your lesson plans.
Bring both an electronic and a paper copy next week. Together we will post these online. You will also have 10 minutes to present your lesson plans to the class

iSchool Agenda Day V (March 23, 2011)
1) Post lesson plans as group
2) Share lesson plans with group