Just for Fun - Keith (5 - 10 Minutes)

Aweditorium reimagines what a music experience feels like on iPad. It takes all of the disparate content surrounding an artist -- beautiful photography, lyrics, high definition video, interviews -- and ties it all together into an fun, intimate experience on a multi-touch display.

Tips & Tricks - Michelle (20 Minutes)

Tips and Tricks Presentation

Q & A

Creating an ePub - Celia Powell and Brad Butcher (1 hour)

Working with Pages
Pages Book Template
Those working with a Mac and iWorks will stay on the lower level.
Those working with a PC and Calibre will go up in the loft.

Break (10 Minutes)

Creativity Apps - Rachel Murphy (1 hour)

Thinking About Creativity
  1. TED Mobile App (FREE)
  2. Spreadsheet of Ted Talks
  3. Check out Adora Svitak's talk on Creativity & Schools.
  4. Also try just searching for creativity inside the TED app.

Getting Reading for Creativity
  1. Brainstorming: Idea Sketch(FREE), Personal Excellence Blog for Ideas
  2. Image Collection - Indicommons - CoolIris - Discover - (iPad only), LIFE - (iPad only), (All Are FREE.)

Creative Projects
  1. Collage - Photo Wall (Lite or Pro@$2.99) or Photo Mess - ImgPalette (FREE)
  2. Video project - Splice ($0.99, but also has a FREE version)
  3. Comic Strip: Strip Designer ($2.99)
  4. Photo Story: Storyrobe - Voice Over Images (FREE)
  5. Storybook: Story Kit (FREE)
  6. Audio Projects: StoryCorps (FREE), AudioBoo (FREE)

Closing - Steph (5 Minutes)

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